Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bats flying around your home? Ontario, Canada

Once the Bats are in an apartment building you are in big trouble!!!
When Bats Find a Good Tall Building with a tonne of Vents do the math 2 vents bathroom and kitchen per apartment 20 apartments per floor. We are removing A Colony of Over 1500 Bats from one Apartment Building.
Bats will start out by inhabiting a Pigeon or Bird Roost and hanging from above they are looking down at dinner.
 I don't understand why the Pigeons would stay. If  I was a Pigeon and a Colony of Bats Flew into My Coop in the Air Conditioning Unit and Duct work, I'd get the HECK Out.
 Which gives the Bats Complete Access to the Whole Building. So the closer to the ground you find the bats is how severe your bat problem is. +Sue Hillard 

Or the Bats will Create Their Own  Roost in one of the Side Small Bathroom or Kitchen Vents.

To All Apartment Building Owners in Ontario I highly Recommend that You Get Us In To Inspect Your Vents and Roof Areas. It will save you money in the long run.

We will: Inspect Your Apartment Building from Top to bottom and Identify and Define any and all areas of entry for All Wildlife IE  

We from that We will create BRSSREMOVAL'S Wildlife Prevention Plan:

Detailing Everything that Needs to be Done to Prevent From Entering Your Apartment or Office Building. To Get More Details you Need to 


Get your Apartment or Office Building Inspected Now and Save Your Self the headaches. Literal Headaches, Nausea, Chills and Other Flu Like Symptoms that instead of going away are steadily getting worse. 
Why I Say I Will Save you Money in the long run is Poop Makes People Sick!!!

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